Pluralistic Ignorance

Can you believe this idiot?

I tried to lie, but I spoke the truth,

I really didn’t mean to–

The only truth was against the grain

Lost in pluralistic ignorance..

Fascinating bias, assumed impressions distorted,

Falsely engrossed in dispersed forces,

Of social normalcy and comfortable lies

Conforming to become oppressive lullabies–

I’m just too afraid, what if I don’t even exist?

I’ve lost faith in myself to even resist,

So I try to speak truth, I take it from my peers

I shout grotesques to heaven, begging please someone hear,

Let my bell-ringing resonate, let it echo chambers here,

Rattling waggling fingers in safe spaces locked in tears..

Let it mow down the brambles hiding the pathway to truth

Bringing us to freedom and safety’s common booth..

Let it be a guide through the forest surrounding me

Where finally, finally I might really meet me..

But your princess is in another castle, sorry Mario

You’ll have to dig deeper to find this Peach,

She wasn’t kidnapped by Bowser, she wasn’t lost in defeat

She was the sacrifice to falsehood you cast true yourself

You created this monster, you spoke, “Come in,”

“There’s truth in the fridge with a bottle of doubt,”

Harsh truths for controlling men under control..

Ones who create monsters, ones who shake trees




Consumed cores buried deep,

Deep under the snow, where she died so long ago

Lying, with seeds of growing truth below..

That the truth is in the lying, the truth is in the pain

The truth is in the proverbs, growing against the grain.

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