The Squid

I assure you, this person is poison.

You should listen to the Squid

And run on wild with it

Even though you don’t know what it is

You don’t need to; you’ve got the id–

Entity of the righteous, hear my plea

Make this bargain with The Devil

To set me free, loose upon the world

In devlish form, to bring hell altered

In squidlike form, lacking perspective

Drowned in the ink of oblivion

Transitioned beyond his peak

Whipped by the burdens of misogyny past

When he licked gullible virgins

Who fell for his tact, blinded in dye

That wool he pulled over their eyes–

He studied them up, exploited their flaws

And now he feels guilty and reaches too far

He perpetuates paranoia, and lies to the world

All so he can forget what he did to those girls

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