The Gatekeepers

They think they know you.

Monoliths await to pass judgment,

Statues with cemented views carved

Guard the way to the precipice,

Seated on pillars, foundations planted in sand.

There’s only one way through here

Know thyself, as they know you

As they know women, as they know men

As they know gay, as they know music

As they know art, as they know vegan

As they know straight, as they know lesbian

As they know Christian, as they know transition

As they know not themselves, only us in the end

For they save all their judgement for everyone

But them, and their own unpassable tests.

Failure is the only option for a gate with no keys

So long live the judges, and into the fire with me

I’m not a monolith, never will be, cement me

All you like– it makes no difference to me

I broke the molds behind the gates ages ago

And the gatekeepers are guarding nothing

But pride in what they think they know

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