“We live in a pretty bleak time. I feel that in the air. Everything is uncertain. Everything feels like its on the precipice of some major transformation, whether we like it or not.”

– Sean Lennon

Penguins at the precipice

March one by one, diving

Right in, frigid waters waiting

For the quest to begin, scaled

Treasures below awaiting hungry hatchlings


They open their eyes to melting landscapes,

Evaporating to cloudless skies as one dreams

Of touching the sun. Shifting shelf splits;

The ordered procession of adventurers breaks,

Slipping into chaos, as she learns, the hard way:

Stars are not your friends

Flailing flippers flop; slip-slide, slip-slide

Gravity becomes God, drawing all life to one

Central point, a new Eden where She defies Him

And Icarus flies again, with a vengeance.

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