Explosions Inverse

It was an impressive display, if only for a moment..

The universe is a firework display

Exploding, and burning out

In an instant that seems like

An eternity of energy and matter

But never enough time for smiling

Faces lit by sparks of light, laughing

In the face of darkness, oohs and ahhs

Inspiring gasps of breath that breathe

Life into a moment, where dogs bark

At the coming threat and a young boy

Begs Mother for a dollar to buy

A necklace, glowing bright pink light

That expels the darkness.

Until Mother tells him,


Those are for girls

Watch the show.”

Fractal explosions impact him.

Raining fire from the sky, as he imagines

Other universes, where better truths lie,

Where those explosions inside were never

Trapped therein, where he could

Win the war God waged with women

And men, where He could turn back time,

Reverse it and then, put the child He broke

Back together again..

Humpty Dumpty, who built the wall?

Humpty Dumpty, why did you fall?

Humpty Dumpty, I’m wishing you well.

For a better place where

You didn’t break when you fell..

Where all the Queen’s horses and shining

Women could put you together again.

She’d be beautiful, like her mother before,

Filled with words and wisdom

Like weighted water, ready to shape

The world, for a waiting universe

Where her glowing face, laughing

At the darkness, would lead us to salvation.

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