Sometimes, you just have to rock the boat.

Another night wasted,

Our boat rocking against waves

Of your hate, ripples that disturb

Water, twisting into voided

Vortex, a raging maelstrom

Smashing against my face

With the force of a thousand

Concerned mothers, who think

I intend to drown their children

In the waves of dysphoria,

bigotry and scorn

Rocking distressed waters,

Keeping my head out of water,

Awake above the wake, knowing

What’s at stake, I take the wheel

Its burdensome deal creaks, sails

Turning to port, catching westward wind,

She pierces through– Defying

Gravity, in the wake of her

Wakening, she overcomes the raging

Storm, gaining distance for distant

Shores, on the horizon,


Smiles and laughter waiting

For tired and hungry children.

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