“If constellations had been named in the twentieth century, I suppose we would see bicycles and refrigerators in the sky.”

– Carl Sagan


We share with the universe

a darkness

Begging to be light,

to reveal

Itself and revel in itself,

and know

itself is real.

So we form concepts

For contexts to bear (the stars

form constellations) we form

words of darkness) filled

with light to bear)

With them, we beg


Answers never known,

But really,

If we knew them,

Would we even care

to know?

Doubt is a fire, fuel

For empty souls

Ready to be filled,

Forged with darkness known..

But darkness never becomes light

Until it is revealed.

So off with the masks,

The universe is beneath

(Void of eternal darkness–

Constellations between

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