Welcome to Babylon

“Do I dare
Disturb the universe?”

– T.S. Eliot

The author is dead,

And so are we, the

The damned devoid , substance


Significance of the signified.

Endless chains, links broken

In translation, a cacophony

Sounding, shaking the walls

Of the Tower rebuilt.

A desolate landscape

Drawn out of shape

Waits in the Wasteland

Below, drowning

In the Tower’s shadow.

Hollow, we wander

Shadowed wastes,

Chained now to freedom,

Nowhere to go

But inward, depths

Of void lusting

To be filled,


Ourselves in sacrifice

For eternity, ending

Without a whimper.

A babbling brook,

A hollow cut through

The Earth, gives water

A chance to erode

Towering bricks of meaning.

Shaking, shaking shaking dust,

Erasing the filled contrast

Tracing, ashes to ashes

Meaning is dust; Meaning is water

Meaning is lust; Meaning is whimper

Meaning is babel; Meaning is void

Meaning is drowning; Meaning is yours

Meaning is not; Meaning is lacking

Meaning is found; Meaning is fraught

Meaning is filled; Meaning is you

Meaning is dead; Meaning is God

Meaning is lost; Meaning is gained

Meaning is torn; Meaning is chains

Meaning is

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