RE: He Who Must Not Be Named

Avada Kedavra

I’ve been suspended from twitter for 7 days for “hateful conduct”.

I’m not going to lie, I said some hateful things about He Who Must Not Be Named. Even typing his name can get you banned from some platforms.

I spoke to concerns I have over the diluting of “trans woman” to mean “anybody who identifies as one” because that’s asking me to accept someone on the basis of faith.

For your benefit, here is the thread I was suspended over.

You’ll find there’s a tweet missing that I was forced to delete in order to begin the 7 day countdown on my suspension.

In this tweet, I spoke directly to He Who Must Not Be Named and said I don’t trust him. I explained how I see him from my perspective, a “perverted, misogynistic man who is pretending to be trans to exploit a poorly designed law and abuse women”.

Is what I said the truth? By no means can I know that, and as you can see in the remnant of my thread, I strongly hope I’m wrong. I’d hoped to discuss this with He Who Must Not Be Named, but have subsequently been tagged as hateful and silenced for 7 days on one of the world’s biggest social platforms.

This presents are serious problem. I have genuine concerns I’m unable to speak to and no one seems interested in addressing them. I’m being punished for questioning something subjective and faith-based.

Whether I’m right or not, He Who Must Not Be Named represents a serious threat to the trans community we need to talk about. So let’s disconnect ourselves from personal feelings about this individual and look at the broader threat.

Let’s face it, if trans people are being defined on the basis of self-identity, then accepting what we are is a matter of faith.

Socially, this idea is workable. I’m happy to accept anyone who says they’re trans actually is. I have faith in people generally like that. But it’s dangerous to enable it through laws and policies.

If being trans is a matter of faith, then we must recognize faith is something that can be manipulated and take a measured approach to prevent that manipulation. The direction we’re moving in is the opposite.

I’ve written about “Turd Flinging Monkey” on twitter, but never in my blog.

Have a watch. Here’s a wicked man who has recognized this same truth and is advocating others like him manipulate it to their ends. This one’s an anti-feminist ideologue who’s pushing a movement to manipulate faith in trans identities to undermine feminism and cause it to “eat itself”. I could show you dozens more examples.

It’s frustrating, I know, but we have to face it, everyone.

These people exist. They behave like terrorists, and we must take care to not enable them.

This is also empirically evident all around the world. Wicked men everywhere manipulate forces to direct faith toward them for personal/political/financial gains. Look no further than your nearest televangelist or politician for proof of this theory.

Our world leaders often invoke faith in order to justify the horrible things they do. “I prayed about this,” they’ll say, or “God is on our side.”

That may pull the wool over the eyes of some sheep, but not me. I see right through it to the wicked heart of it all.

It’s powerful, dark magic.

My invocation of Harry Potter as I say “He Who Must Not Be Named” is appropriate. If He Who Must Not Be Named is invoking faith as I’m describing here, to manipulate people’s concern and sympathies toward wicked purposes, I’m here to say, full stop, it’s wrong, and I pray such people will not be allowed to get away with this.

As I’ve said in my tweets though, ultimately, it’s not my place to judge.

Some things are best left to God.

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