Miss Tree

3 stamps, a tree branch, and a person you’re not

When you get down to the bottom,

To the root of it all

You’ll find:

3 stamps, a tree branch, and a person you’re not

I hear you all singing

Telling me to join in

You tell me, “It all means something.”

You tell me to commit

But I know the true face of mystery

I’ve seen what’s behind the mask:

I know I’m really no one

And I’m okay with it

It doesn’t have to matter

To have meaning

It’s about common sense

But sometimes sense is senseless

And I just go along with it

With my 3 stamps, my tree branch, and the person I’m not

The trick is to be no one

To commit against sense

But commit to “commitment”

Or be committed for “making sense”

When you tell them about:

the “3 stamps,” the “tree branch,” and the “person you’re not”

You are who you are as you are who you’re not

And which one is real is a mystery

3 thoughts on “Miss Tree

  1. I like this. It made me think. My thoughts felt like they were going in a direction where I would really have something to say, they felt growth and expansion. But then it felt like they reached the end of a dead end road, and I just couldn’t gather them into anything useful. So many of us spend our lives trying endlessly to be “something”, an individual, but so often I see people who so quickly give that away to be part of a group. Groups can be comforting but they can also strip away the individual. When you lose your individuality, that is when you truly become a no one.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad it resonated with you. Seems like you really got what I was trying to communicate with it too. That’s a relief 😅 This is probably the most complicated poem I’ve written, I was a bit worried it would be too hard to follow.

      Liked by 1 person

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