The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank You!


I’ve been honored by Love and Everyday Affairs with the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you so much! I would encourage all of my followers to check out their blog for writing every bit as versatile as my own. I’m so honored to have been in their thoughts when they assigned nominees for this award!

Here are the simple rules for the Award:

Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.

7 interesting Facts about Myself

  1. I was an English Literature major who now somehow works in a high level IT position.
  2. I’ve been writing creatively since I learned how to write. Writing has always been a very important form of self-expression for me. I wrote my first stories and poetry when I was 7.
  3. I’m a transgender woman who grew up and transitioned in Mike Pence’s hometown. It’s every bit as traditional, Christian, and Conservative as you might imagine. It was terrifying in the beginning, but the presence of myself and others transformed that community. Today, most churches there embrace LGBT people as brothers and sisters.
  4. I’ve been involved in activism for women, children, and LGBT rights for most of my life, though in recent years my career has taken precedent and my efforts on these fronts have become confined to the internet.
  5. I take the Daryl Davis approach to engagement with those who hate and/or fear me. I regularly engage with transphobes, TERFs, the alt-right and far right, gender atheists, religious traditionalists, and sex essentialists. I keep the focus of the conversation on their concerns and ways I can help them overcome and the fears at the heart of them.
  6. In addition to writing, I’m also an avid reader, knitter, and gamer.
  7. I’m a bit of an arborist if that weren’t obvious by my plethora of tree memes.



Phew, a list of 15 is difficult for a new blogger! I’ve done my best to compile the versatile bloggers I follow! Congratulations, all!

If any of the larger blogs I’ve nominated would like to pass on the award to any smaller blogs which might appreciate this sort of award more, please let me know and I’ll replace you on my list!

14 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank You!

  1. Hey hiiii!!
    Wanted to know more about the versatile blogger awards .
    What is it all about ?
    Is someone going to win this particular award ? Or has already won ?
    Please let me know about the same .
    Not very clear about it and much curious to know .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As I understand it, it’s a viral award. Being nominated and winning are effectively the same thing but to accept the award you have to post it to your blog and nominate another group to keep the award moving. I don’t think any overarching winner is ever chosen but the awards help a lot with giving exposure to smaller blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

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